Why Text Is More Important Than Images in Fashion SEO?

It is a well known fact that the world of fashion is a visual industry. The way in which the products are represented can be a highlighting factor for a business. After all, if the products are not presented in a beautiful way, customers won’t even buy it.

However, a recent study has shown that in the field of SEO, text plays a crucial role. In other words, according to Toronto SEO experts, texts are more important than images. This is because a search engine understands the text better than images.

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Why Text Is Better Than Images?

It is a well known fact the texts of a site is important for SEO. This is because if the content or the text of a site is properly structured, it can help a site to rank well across the SERPs. It has been seen that search engines understand texts far better than images. After all, text is better than images in terms of accessibility, page speed, and SEO both in respect of mobile and web server. In order to know why text is far more superior to images, you need to go through rest of the blog.

According to Toronto SEO experts, people tend to scan a text by trying to see what the text is all about. They go through some parts while scanning a text. For this reason, headings and subheadings form a crucial part. However, Google scans a text in a completely different way. Based on some surveys, it was seen that Google takes a hint of the text structure in order to understand a text. For example, semantic closeness is very important. It helps to understand the closeness of the related word in the text.

Google bots can’t see and decide what the pictures are all about. If they don’t understand it then they won’t able to rank the site across search engines. Hence, company’s key information should be conveyed through texts. This, in turn can help the Google bots to easily rank the page. Moreover, it can also help users to understand the site easily when they have text in them.

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Businesses while designing their fashion site needs to ensure that there is no text within the images. Toronto SEO professionals clearly mention that bots won’t be able to understand the text. Many businesses fail to realize it and include text within their images like logos.

Toronto SEO professional’s feels that important information like company name, address, should always appear in text. However, this does not mean that a fashion website should compromise on their images. Instead the site should try to focus on Alt Tags as the Alt Tags tell the bots about the image. Rather the Alt Tags are more search engine friendly as it is a part of SEO. After all Alt-tags are descriptive in nature and don’t use keywords within the tags. Rather it tells search engines what the mage on the site is all about.

Toronto SEO experts believe that more number of texts a fashion site should be having can increase the chance of improved ranking. After all, the texts can contain keywords that can focus on the business very easily. However, for images they are of no help as such.