The establishment of the network will allow the dispensation of a broader training for our graduate students by taking advantage of the complementary expertises – from chemical engineering to laser physics – of the network’s faculty members. We are planning the setting up of new joint inter-institutional courses that are better matched to the current issues in the field of plasmas and above all to their applications. The development of continuing education activities through workshops or summer schools is contemplated with the goal of facilitating the introduction of plasma processes in industry. The objective of the network is not only to offer a stimulating environment in order to attract and educate students in a field where an increassing need for qualified personel is manifest, but also to intensify the transfer to users of the knowledge and the tools that are being developed within the network and elsewhere.

Strenghthening the interaction with the industrial sector

Although network members have been active in collaboration with industry for many years (as exemplified by the numerous partnership grants and contracts obtained by network members), we nevertheless are convinced that the establishment of the network will have a profound impact on our capability to capitalize on research results. This organization indeed will constitute a single portal through which all businesses that do, or could, make good use of plasma processes will be able to find the information – or the people – they need for their short or long term development. It’s worth recalling that the industrial sectors that are concerned cover an extremely wide spectrum, from primary industry like mining through metallurgy and chemical production to the so-called high tech businesses of microelectronics, photonics and the biomedical sector.