Plasma-Québec is a strategic network gathering top-scientists from four Quebec based universities (INRS, McGill, Montreal and Sherbrooke), government research centers and industry, who share the common goal of studying plasmas and applying them to a variety of applications.

The network members are conducting cutting-edge research in several areas where plasmas are used as a central tool. These areas include

the synthesis, the modification and analysis of materials and nanomaterials,

the achievement of micro- and nanostructures for electronic and/or photonic devices,

The development of advanced instruments for imaging with unprecedented resolutions, and (iv) the development and characterizations of novel radiation sources at different wavelengths (spanning from the X-rays to the THz regime).

In terms of the industrial use of plasma technologies, Quebec represents about 30% of the total activity in Canada. In terms of scientific manpower and funding, Quebec’s contribution is even higher, exceeding 50% of the total Canadian effort.

In the context of its training mission, Plasma-Québec is to deploying tremendous efforts to attract young and talented graduate students/postdoctoral researchers to join the network to work on plasmas related challenges. Students and postdocs interested in contributing to meet the challenging objectives of several R&D projects, where the plasma plays a central role are invited to visit the website of Plasma-Quebec and contact directly the principal investigators.

For industry, Plasma-Québec provides a “one-stop shopping” for professional expertise in plasmas and plasma technologies and to facilitates interaction and collaboration with academic researchers in the field.

The members of Plasma-Québec have strong track-records of achievements and partnerships with industries. Examples of technology-transfer projects can be found in the website of Plasma-Quebec.