The industrial sectors that share common interests with Plasma-Québec are numerous and diverse, from mining and metallurgy to photonics and microelectronics.

Plasma-Québec is a unique canadian cluster of researchers with vast competences in plasma science and applications.

Among the non-academic partners of Plasma-Québec can be found governmental laboratories, public corporations, private industrial corporations, hospitals, ministries. The following industries collaborate within Plasma-Québec, without being faculty members.

  • Adtek Photomask
  • Axis Photonic
  • Centre des Technologies du Textile
  • Dalsa Semiconducteur
  • FPInnovations – Division Forintek
  • Hydro-Québec
  • MPB Communications
  • PlasmIonique
  • PyroGenesis
  • Raymor
  • Zygo
  • Tekna Plasma Systems

A list of the collaborating corporations is given in the page collaborations.

Your organization can join the Plasma-Québec Network at no cost. It will give you and your team an access to the expertise and competences of our members, in the perspective of new collaborations and projects…