About us

Plasma-Québec comprises scientists from universities, government and industry, who share as a common goal the study and exploitation of plasmas.
In terms of the industrial use of plasma technologies, Quebec represents about 30% of the total activity in Canada. With respect to scientific manpower and funding, Quebec’s contribution is even higher, exceeding 50% of the total Canadian effort. This network brings together researchers from four universities (INRS, McGill, Montréal and Sherbrooke) as well as institutes and companies working on a variety of applications.


With regard to students, the mission of Plasma-Québec is to publicize and promote studies in plasmas and related subjects. For students interested in pursuing advanced studies in the field, this web site presents some of the research topics currently under investigation within the network, and provides information and reference materials.


For industry, Plasma-Québec intends to provide “one-stop shopping” for professional expertise in plasmas and plasma technologies, and to promote and facilitate interaction and collaboration with academic researchers in the field. The members of Plasma-Québec have already formed a number of partnerships, including technology-transfer projects, examples of which can be found under this heading.