6 Mistakes When Using an Electronic Visitor Sign-In System

Are you planning to use an electronic sign-in software system for your house? In today’s age, safety and security are becoming the biggest concern. The only way to nullify the risks and keep a place secured is to take the help of electronic sign in system software or app.

electronic sign in system

Electronic Sign-In Software

Screening the visitors who arrive at the facility is important in order to keep the occupants safe and intruders away.

Any organization before making the most use of VMS or electronic sign in system should take a look at the mistakes which are usually committed when implementing VMS. However, in order to enjoy the benefits, it needs to be properly used/


Taking Full Use of the System


Organizations before making full use of electronic VMS needs to avoid some deadly mistakes and practices. However, in order to improve the functionality of the electronic visitor management software, one can try out the following tips. They are:


  • Don’t Place the Visitor Management System Away From the Main Entrance


Most organizations might be having a single entrance to their facility. So visitors should come face to face with the electronic sign in system as soon as they enter the facility. It means the system with signage options should be placed at the entry point. Keeping it far from the entry point would make it difficult for the visitors to find it.


  • Not Documenting Every Visitor


Organizations should jot down the details of every visitor who is coming to the facility. Even if a facility gets repeated visitors, their details must be documented. The reason to take details of the visitor in to know them and it can also be helpful when vacating a building becomes necessary.


  • Not Using Driver’s License Scanner


Writing down the visitor details by hand can lead to errors. In order to make the process flawless, organizations can use a scanner. The scanner can scan the driver’s license completely so that no information gets missed out.


  • Not Taking Additional Information


Another mistake often committed by the electronic sign in system app is not collecting other information. While scanning the driver’s license can help one to know the name, address and other details of the visitor. It is equally important to note down the time of arrival, whom the visitor would visit and more. All these things can be taken and printed on the visitor’s badge.

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  • Not Wearing the Badge


In large organizations, huge number of employees work. Hence, it is not possible for employees to recognize their visitors. Moreover, if a visitor tries to roam in the facility without wearing a badge, they can be considered as an intruder. Thus, employees can feel insecure. This can be avoided when the visitor wears the custom ID badge.


  • Ignoring Reports


The visitor data can be analyzed electronically. It is done to identify the trends and create a report. The report can be shared with the security department for improving the security measures.


Electronic sign in system software would allow the front desk representatives to take a close look at the visitors and streamline their entry process. With this kind of software, a facility can be kept highly secure. Read more about IT Softwares and latest office management trends in 2018 here!