What are the Steps Involved in Forensic Engineering Investigation?

forensic engineering

If your building in Toronto fell due to unexplained and unforeseen circumstance then it’s time to consult a reputed forensic engineering Canada.

Buildings are complex constructions made of various components, designs, materials and sometimes maybe due to natural or manmade scenarios these tend to collapse. This is when the forensic engineers come to investigate the reason behind the building’s collapse.

The did deep to determine the root cause of the collapse; whether it’s poor raw materials, or building code violation, etc. these experts screen out and find probable solutions for distorted buildings.

On this note, before hiring the best forensic engineering Canada, it is best to understand the steps involved in the procedure.

So, Read on

  1. Document Assessment

The first step to effective forensics engineering is to understand the documents provided during the investigation. These documents include:

  • Maps and blueprints
  • Maintenance records
  • Client narrative, texts, and photographs
  • Discovery transcripts


Other relative documents include:

  • Aerial photography of the sites, contour maps, and topography
  • Land development along with drainage plans
  • Surface bedrocks and agricultural soil maps
  • Flood plain and mining activity mapping
  • Environmental reports
  • Hydrological studies and maps

After studying and determining the above documents, forensic engineering Canada decides on a probable hypothesis. This hypothesis determines the reason behind the collapse, the extent of damage and credible solutions.

  1. Visual Assessment

The next step implemented by the forensic engineering is visual assessment. The respective engineer will walk around the damage site, inspect the signs of collateral damage and assess the scope of damage done.

This will help him test his/her hypothesis by examining exposed and damaged the surface. Further, with enhanced detection skills the forensic engineering Canada can find possible reasons for damage especially if it was sabotage.

forensic engineering canada

  1. Field Investigations

This process involves analyzing what has happened, getting a hang of the accident, interviewing potential suspects and witnesses. Further, the forensic engineer will record videos and images to study for finding the root cause behind a building’s breakdown.

  1. Analyze Building Structure

The next step implemented by expert forensic engineers is studying and determining the building structure. This is done by collecting several forms and research standards to find out if the building conforms to regulated norms or not.

Often breaking norms and developing a building can lead to its ultimate demise. The jobs involved in this procedure are as follows:

  • Acquiring copies of construction drawings and designs.
  • Obtaining documents including built-in designs and specific changes recorded after.
  • Reviewing to see that the construction drawings imitate the design.
  • Checking design to ensure that it copies good engineering practice.

forensic engineering canada


  1. Understanding Site Conditions

Determining the condition of the terrain that stations the building is also an important task of forensic engineering Canada.

This part of the investigation includes:

  • The topography of the land
  • Drainage features like ponds, and lakes
  • Groundwater conditions
  • Surface features etc.

Now, studying these detailed topographical situations and other land deeds and building documents help these forensics engineers find the solution to building breakdowns.

This data and hypothesis are then used to make stronger building construction plans that help to determine less monumental damage.

6 Mistakes When Using an Electronic Visitor Sign-In System

Are you planning to use an electronic sign-in software system for your house? In today’s age, safety and security are becoming the biggest concern. The only way to nullify the risks and keep a place secured is to take the help of electronic sign in system software or app.

electronic sign in system

Electronic Sign-In Software

Screening the visitors who arrive at the facility is important in order to keep the occupants safe and intruders away.

Any organization before making the most use of VMS or electronic sign in system should take a look at the mistakes which are usually committed when implementing VMS. However, in order to enjoy the benefits, it needs to be properly used/


Taking Full Use of the System


Organizations before making full use of electronic VMS needs to avoid some deadly mistakes and practices. However, in order to improve the functionality of the electronic visitor management software, one can try out the following tips. They are:


  • Don’t Place the Visitor Management System Away From the Main Entrance


Most organizations might be having a single entrance to their facility. So visitors should come face to face with the electronic sign in system as soon as they enter the facility. It means the system with signage options should be placed at the entry point. Keeping it far from the entry point would make it difficult for the visitors to find it.


  • Not Documenting Every Visitor


Organizations should jot down the details of every visitor who is coming to the facility. Even if a facility gets repeated visitors, their details must be documented. The reason to take details of the visitor in to know them and it can also be helpful when vacating a building becomes necessary.


  • Not Using Driver’s License Scanner


Writing down the visitor details by hand can lead to errors. In order to make the process flawless, organizations can use a scanner. The scanner can scan the driver’s license completely so that no information gets missed out.


  • Not Taking Additional Information


Another mistake often committed by the electronic sign in system app is not collecting other information. While scanning the driver’s license can help one to know the name, address and other details of the visitor. It is equally important to note down the time of arrival, whom the visitor would visit and more. All these things can be taken and printed on the visitor’s badge.

sign in system


  • Not Wearing the Badge


In large organizations, huge number of employees work. Hence, it is not possible for employees to recognize their visitors. Moreover, if a visitor tries to roam in the facility without wearing a badge, they can be considered as an intruder. Thus, employees can feel insecure. This can be avoided when the visitor wears the custom ID badge.


  • Ignoring Reports


The visitor data can be analyzed electronically. It is done to identify the trends and create a report. The report can be shared with the security department for improving the security measures.


Electronic sign in system software would allow the front desk representatives to take a close look at the visitors and streamline their entry process. With this kind of software, a facility can be kept highly secure. Read more about IT Softwares and latest office management trends in 2018 here!

Get the Best SEO in Vancouver: 4 Red Flags to Avoid

Are you looking for a good SEO firm? Do you want to make the best use of internet marketing? If your answer is an approving yes, you must get in touch with a reputed SEO agency. Often, it has been seen that businesses, in order to rank on the top of the search results, implement outdated SEO tactics. While it was easy to fool Google earlier, it’s not the case anymore. Google can easily find out the tweaks and penalize the site by removing its index. So before hiring Vancouver SEO services firms for improving the ranking of a site make sure they are using proper SEO tactics.

seo vancouver

Hiring the SEO Firms

Most business owners consider the task of hiring a good SEO agency as a daunting task. It’s absolutely correct. Care should be taken to ensure that the SEO agency is knowledgeable and know the latest trends.

Recent news reports showed that many fake Vancouver SEO services agencies got banned for providing false reviews. Any good SEO firm won’t give false promises to their clients and squeeze a huge amount of money from their clients.

In case, you are looking for an SEO professional for your business, you will need to be very careful. After all, not all SEO companies are created equal. If you want to avoid troubles, you would need to look out for some red flags. If you don’t have any idea about the red flags that need to be avoided, you will just need to go through the rest of the blog.

vancouver seo services

Red Flags to Look Out For


When dealing with any kind of projects, everyone loves to get a guarantee for the work. If any Vancouver SEO services firm uses guarantee as bait for luring customers, you should straightaway avoid working with them. In the world of SEO, there is no such thing called guarantee as algorithm changes frequently. Any firm that guarantees 100% organic results is lying. A good SEO firm would ask for the business goals and devise ways to achieve it.


A lot of technical jargon is there in SEO. For a layman, it’s hard to understand it. Any SEO agency which is not ready to explain the terms or discuss the strategies with you in details should be avoided. Once a business partners with an SEO firm they have the legal right to know the techniques being used. If the company avoids sharing the details, you shouldn’t work with them.


Cheap Vancouver SEO services may not be always good for a business. Even if a low price quote might seem tempting, you can remain assured that they can’t provide great quality services. A business would receive poor results for their business. Any good firm would charge accurately for the services they would offer.

vancouver seo company


Check out if the SEO firm is within the top five spot or on the first page of the SERPS. If the firm isn’t on the first page, it won’t be able to help their client’s site to rank well.

These are some of the red flags that should be kept in mind when looking for a reputable Vancouver SEO services agency. If strictly followed, one won’t land in the hand of cheaters. Here are some of the tips to choose the best SEO company for your business.